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    Why Heavy duty banners?

    We know that true success in business comes when effective promotions and advertising are properly put in place and with high returns on investment coming thru such activities.
    We design some of the world’s best heavy duty banners, and these are actually banners that are most preferred for businesses, and the favoured options for specific use in the promotional arena!
    They are displayed in a large number on the street poles or on the side of buildings. Because they are made out of an 18oz vinyl scrim banner, they offer a superior durability outdoors.

    Our heavy duty banner designs are super strong, weather resistant, tear resistant and completely durable. They are for multipurpose use and come also as custom vinyl banners and are special event banners for every occasion and business.

    Generally talked about to as over the street banners, or road banners, this kind of signage requires being additionally durable since its drive is to suspend above the street where pedestrians and cars move under on an hourly basis. These heavy duty banners are seen in just about every state and city hanging over a local route and quite frequently, they will be observed promoting/advertising a business, or community event.

    We provide you all weather vinyl banner, and pole banners that are inexpensive and with super built heavy duty banners that are first rated indoor and outdoor banners in Vancouver, Canada.

    Promote your business today by utilizing our superior heavy duty banners that are classically designed to stand you out from the crowd and help you beat competition. Contact us today for your heavy duty banner Vancouver and we will guarantee you super-fast printing services and the most innovative of banner printing in Canada.


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